Application Steps

Teacher Training Application Steps

Application and Fee  Applications are due by May 15th. A nonrefundable application fee must accompany your application in order for it to be considered. A discount is granted to applicants who apply before April 15. A late charge is added to applications received after May 15th.

Transcripts The applicant notifies his/her college or university to send two sets of official, sealed transcripts to the Princeton Center for Teacher Education, 487 Cherry Valley Road, Princeton, NJ 08540.

Letters of Recommendation The applicant submits three letters of recommendation from people who know the applicant personally or through employment.

Interview A personal interview in person, or on the phone in special cases, is scheduled with a PCTE representative.

Acceptance The applicant’s qualifications and suitability are determined on the basis of the written application, writing sample, previous academic record, and interview. When all required information has been received, a final review is made. The applicant is notified via e-mail regarding his/her acceptance into the training program.

Program capacity Each program will enroll up to a maximum of 50 students during one training cycle. Applications for a particular course cycle are accepted up to the first day of the classes. However, students are advised to enroll well before this date, and should allow no less than 30 days for completion of the application process and the preparation requirements.

Practicum Guidelines Students must complete a minimum of five weeks of the summer academic phase in order to begin their practicum phase. In most cases, the practicum begins the September following the summer academic phase. Locating a practicum site is the responsibility of the adult learner. All practicums must be approved by PCTE prior to the beginning of the practicum phase.

Practicum Models There are two types of practicum models –  a supervised practicum and a self-directed practicum. The Supervised Practicum requires that the student teacher participate five days a week, through two full semesters, for a minimum of four hours per day, in the classroom of a qualified teacher at an approved school site. A minimum of three on-site consultation-evaluation visits by the program representative is required.

In rare and special cases, students may work in a self-directed practicum when approved by the director. All the requirements for the Supervised Practicum also apply to the self-directed practicum with the exception that the intern has full responsibility for the Montessori class without the daily guidance of a qualified Montessori-supervising teacher in the classroom. Because the student does not have daily supervision, there may be additional on-site observation visits from a PCTE representative to insure that the practicum is progressing appropriately. There is an additional fee for each extra visit over the regular minimum of three visits.


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